Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Troubleshooting Guidance for Pogo | Prompt Pogo Support

Pogo Games is the longest-running online gaming platform with numbers of games, there are a lot of people who still enjoy playing Pogo games.
Because it has been running for a long time, people are having a lot of difficulties with their gaming activity.

A huge part of Pogo games are the people who are over 35 years old and are not usually technology specialists who can solve their problem itself, in that case, they need technical support for pogo who can solve their issue.
If you also Pogo games lover and facing problems from time to time here is a troubleshooting guide that you must follow to resolve them.

Some of the problems that a user may face in EA Pogo Games:

  • Pogo games loading error
  • Unable to play pogo games in full screen
  • Audio does not reach
  • Forgot password of your club pogo account
  • Badges are not shown
  • The problem in Screen resolution 
  • Payment cannot be done with Pogo using a credit card and PayPal
  • Java error with pogo game
  • Pogo games error not in a room

Guidance for Pogo login and password issue

Can't access your Pogo account?

Troubleshooting Pogo login issue with few simple points

  1. Get assured that you are accessing the correct password.
  2. There may be a chance that you have been entering one or two figures incorrectly or maybe your caps lock is turned on.
  3. Your password will not be taken if you use a wrong username, so review your username.
  4. Kindly check that you are receiving proper internet speed. Because Pogo games require a high-speed Internet connection, if you have a below-average Internet speed you will not be logged in.
  5. Get sure you have renewed your subscription to Pogo.
  6. Communicate with Pogo technical support team and verify that your account has not been deleted or blocked for any purpose.

Quick Steps toward password reset process in Pogo games

  1. Make sure you are getting proper internet connection and speed; this process can only be accomplished with the Internet.
  2. Go to a web browser on your computer and visit Pogo home page.
  3. Now you will see a Sign-in option on the website.
  4. You can also try your old Password and if that did not work then click Forgot your password. (NOTE) If you request more than three times of your password request, then your account will be blocked.
  5. Now insert Email or username and click on submit.
  6. After that pogo will send you a change password link on your email account.
  7. Now click on the reset link and generate your new strong password.
  8. Now you can restart your browser and log in again into your Pogo account.
  9. If you cannot perform this above process, you can communicate with the Pogo support team for more information.

Guidance for troubleshooting payment error in pogo

  1. Confirm that you have provided accurate information about your card and address.
  2. You cannot perform the purchase process without the Internet connection, so make sure you have a proper Internet connection on your system.
  3. Try to process the transaction after 30 minutes of failing as if there was a server error ere you can complete the purchase this time.
  4.  If you cannot complete the process with a credit card, you can also complete your payment with PayPal,
  5.  You can try any from two options.


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